Playa Los Corales
Dominican Republic

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You, who enjoy cigars, let yourself be carried away by this new experience. We will make your cigar even more precious to you. We rolled our finest cigars with a delicate gold leaf (24 carats) by expert hands, to bring out all their splendor. You want to mark a special day, to impress someone special, take advantage of this unique opportunity. Our gold cigars will make this moment even more magical, elegant and bright .

Our gold line comes in different modules: Grand Corona, Robusto , Chruchill and Double Corona. We kept our original line based on old tobacco 4 and 5 years old. Its strength is that our cigars are available to all smokers : light, fragrant and delicate.

There is already champagne with gold glitter , chocolate, pastries with gold leaf. So why not cigars!

 Indulge yourself with our cigars " Gold Line " !!!!