Playa Los Corales
Dominican Republic

La Perla Dominicana, vos cigares dominicains préférés. Retrouvez tous les conseils sur la fabrication, la dégustation et la conservation de vos cigares. Vous pouvez aussi accèder à notre catalogue cigares et bijoux larimar, 


Entirely hand-rolled, La Perla Dominicana's cigars are made from the finest selected Dominican tobaccos.

Mild and full-bodied at the time, La Perla Dominicana's cigars flatter the taster's senses with an original bouquet. The aroma and flavor are both typical and smooth, while expressing an interesting aromatic complexity while roundness.

The originality and the aromatic richness of La Perla Dominicana's cigars are from the perfect blend of the 2 best Dominican terroirs' leafs: Tamboril and Villa Gonzalez.

The variety of tobacco used is Criollo 98 aged for 5 years. It is used for the binder and the filler. One exception, carefully chosen, a single leaf of filler is from the variety Corojo 99. This affects the full diversity of leafs' blend and provides the bouquet of aromas and an additional round. 

The rigorous selection and classification of tobacco is made according to their quality, color, texture, flavor but especially in terms of their production plot provide unparalleled stability in the aromatic quality of La Perla Dominicana's cigars.


Size : 12 cm x 1.7 cm

A small handsome rolled. It evolves in a discreet floral register and pleasant as well. A good combustion and a fancy construction allow the expression of wooded notes.

 Boîte de 5 cigares - 18€


Size : 15 cm x 1.7 cm

A good-looking module. The lighting starts the tasting on exquisite and glamourous sensations. The herbaceous aromas settle quikly and come along with few hints of humus and grilled hazelnuts. The second and the third thirds purr and show the way to a rythmic finish.


  Boîte de 20 cigares - 58€


Size : 15.9 cm x 2.1 cm

A good plump corona wrapped in a soft colorado wrapper. The first third gives spicy and honey aromas. At mid-term, the strength asserts itself. The tempo is correct and the olfactory landscape is substantial. Few floral smells punctuate the tasting of this vitola.


Size : 17.8 cm x 1.8 cm

Some very mentholated aromas. The acrid lightness perceptible from the start fades away quiet rapidly and leaves an olfactory line both wooded and herbaceous, typical for the Dominican olor. With a more than proper strength and honey-dew nuances, the Churchill is really pleasant on the palate.


Size : 19.2 cm x 2 cm

The handsome vitola presents itself in a silky and greasy wrapper. The lighting starts smoothly and lightly. Some wooded hints emerge quickly following by grilled almonds nuances. A proper intensity spreads an interesting aromatic range.


Size : 16 cm x 2 cm

A plump and fancy cigar. The first steps are not really strong and heady. The vitala is getting soft rapidly but keeps a good level in terms of strength. The notes are straight, wooded and earthy. A stout and balanced piece to discover until the finish with pleasure.